DynaDose A75

Standalone Nutrient Dosing Unit to regulate the TDS/EC of the tank. The unit is designed with proprietary algorithm to determine the dosing apart from the speed regulator which is a digital switch with an analog look to achieve full control over the dosing. The unit can handle tanks up to 30,000 litre capacity, number of pumps are customisable based on requirement The unit comes with a proprietary datalink which records 5 data points an hour for audit and can be used in tandem or be overridden with an IoT module

Compatiable/Suggested Pumps
Speed Triple, MicroPeri Triple, Solo Powerhead .

pH Automation Units B31 and B31 micro

Standalone pH Automation unit which can regulate the pH of the tank at the pre-set level by the grower. The unit has the functionality of either pH down or pH up with switch of a button. There are two models available, for indoor growers & micro farms with tank size up to 3,500 litres and a larger unit for tanks up to 15,000 litres

Compatiable/Suggested Pumps
Solo Powerhead

Ambient monitor CZ 250

State of art monitor which gives you accurate reading of CO2, temperature and humidity in your grow room, green/polyhouse. CO2 is often the X factor for optimum plant growth but is often overlooked by growers.

Calibration of CO2 meter to ensure accurate readings anywhere in the world

Datalink to maintain accurate audit of your grow room or farm to create accurate recipes

Can be hooked and calibrated to an IoT module

Peristaltic Pump Modules

Our peristaltic pumps are designed inspired by vintage motorcycles which means rugged metal body casings, streamlined designs, high torque & output and easy to maintain

Each of these pumps can be connected in series to create custom flows

The pumps are tuned to connect to our PLCs for EC or PH or can be used standalone with a bypass switch

Each module comes with an independent speed controller which can enable to the pumps to dispense from 100 ml to 1000 ml per minute

Each pump is individually serviceable

Grow Lights

At Arowana, we believe that no indoor grow room is complete without the perfect grow lights. We build custom lights based on the requirements. Our grow lights range from a simple RB ratio bar light to an advanced light with an option to adjust intensity & switch spectrum ratios to toggle the blend of reds, blues, far reds & orange to suit the requirements

What makes our grow lights different apart from the spectrums and options?
Our grow lights run on a proprietary hybrid driver which is stable and results in lower temperature i.e. around 12 degrees lower as compared to commonly available grow lights which translates to continuous electricity saving on your AC